From Kelly: A New Grand Cru & A Fan Favorite!

A New Grand Cru & A Fan Favorite!

El Durazno Huehuetenango

(el doo-rahs-no)  (way-way-ten-AN-go)

Story: Coffee first arrived in Guatemala during the 1700’s as a result of European immigration. Yet, it didn’t gain traction as a staple crop until 1860 when the country’s main export, indigo, began to fail. The government made huge efforts to distribute coffee seeds and plants throughout the country to drive the growth of coffee cultivation. Since then, Guatemala has become one of the world’s leading coffee exporters. 

Finca El Durazno is located in the Huehuetenango region of Guatemala. Having the highest altitudes in the country, this region yields some of the most complex and delicious coffees Guatemala has to offer. The farm El Durazno, meaning “The Peach”,  is scattered with beautiful peach trees in addition to coffee– its primary crop. In recent years farmer Octavio Lopez Camposeco has made efforts to focus on producing quality micro-lots and varietal separations. This particular coffee is familiar to our shelves and truly highlights Octavio’s efforts to produce outstanding coffee year after year. 


In the Cup: Balanced & Smooth, Stone Fruit, Cherry, Chocolate



LR #71 Freddy Correa

Story: Each year when sourcing Limited Release coffees, we seek to find offerings that are unique and on the cutting edge of new processing techniques. We have been privileged over the years to connect with importers that are striving to highlight what coffee producers are doing to set themselves apart while benefiting the local community. This year we were offered several samples from Huila, Colombia sourced by Forest Coffee Importers. The story behind this coffee began two years ago when Forest connected with a professor in Huila, Colombia, who was applying some of his knowledge about microbiology and floristics to the local coffee community.  

Forest and Cesar developed a unique coffee they called the Pink Borbon Creation. This harvest they partnered with Farmer Don Freddy Correa and his farm La Primavera in the Bajo Encanto Village in the Southern part of Huila.

This washed coffee first undergoes a 24-hour pre fermentation in the cherry, followed by a 36-hour fermentation in the mucilage in bags. Then the coffee is dried on raised beds for 15 days. Expect an exciting acidity and balanced sweetness.


In the Cup: Bright, Jammy, Dulce de Leche, Unique