Carabello Bids Faerwell to Austin Childress

Dear Friends,

I have some bittersweet news to share with you. Austin Childress’ last day at Carabello Coffee will be this Saturday August 1st.

To celebrate and honor him, we have asked him to create a special menu for this weekend. Stop by this Friday and Saturday from 11AM - 5PM to experience his artistry one last time.  Make a reservation if you want to ensure your seat at the bar.

For four years Austin has poured himself into taking the original Analog Bar vision we had and brought it to life. What stands today as, in my opinion, one of the most unique coffee experiences in the nation, is in large part due to his creativity and effort. Along with that he has helped grow our barista team both internally and in wholesale in ways that ensure people who are drinking Carabello Coffee around the city get consistently tasty beverages.

Most of all, he has done all of this and more with a loving, compassionate and ever-encouraging demeanor. He is an amazing young man and we will be forever grateful that God brought him into our lives. We could never have asked for more out of his time here and ALL of us will miss him dearly!

Here’s a message Austin asked me to share with you -

"I have accomplished what I set out to do at Carabello Coffee & in specialty coffee in general. Each of you has helped me to grow in what I do & in who I am. The Analog Bar is established and continues to grow, the training program is solidified, and I've gotten to be a part of specialty coffee on a national scale. I am leaving because I'm ready for a new challenge, the next step in my professional career, and the ability to provide differently for my family goals.

I love specialty coffee, I love the hospitality industry, and I love Carabello Coffee. I will always look back on this season of life with gratitude & delight. I'm excited as I think about where you all will take what I have gotten to tend for the last several years.

There is of course with sadness at the thought of moving on, but I couldn't ask for better circumstances or a better team to fill my spot."


So please join us this weekend to experience his farewell menu and to celebrate this special young man. And please lay a big fat tip on him as he goes!  

Make a reservation if you want to ensure your seat at the bar.



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