To-Go Window is Here to Stay!

During the shelter-in-place action, we had to close our doors and move to carry-out only. This created a lot of challenges for us because we really aren't set up to act in that way. Our team got together and decided that we should use the windows that face Dayton St. as the to-go window. We don't need to have to run drinks outside and guests don't have to worry about calling and waiting outside in the cold. 

As things started to slowly open back up we thought that numbers would go down at the to-go window and we thought we'd just shut it down. However, you all have proven that you want this to continue by ordering from the Joe app everyday. We are just as busy at the window as we are inside! As we thought about this, we knew we needed a way to shut the windows since it was so hot and the AC was just going out the window. Our staff and guests inside were burning up. So we decided to make this to-go window a permanent thing! We ordered some sliding windows and got them installed. 

Now that they're in, we hope that they serve you better and we're excited to add this to our cafe. Thanks for all of your support!