Give Back Update: The Mercy Kids Winter & Spring Report

The Mercy Kids Foundation has been at the heart of our giving these past years.  The work they are doing among children and families experiencing disability in Nicaragua is priceless to us.  To all of you who have joined us in supporting this vital ministry, THANK YOU for your giving. 

Here is a recent update on how 2023 is unfolding from Executive Director, Mary Nelson.


Serving The Mercy Kids has been an incredible journey and 2023 continues to outshine 2022.  In the coming months, we have so much to look forward to.  The Mercy Center will complete an addition to our building to have more space for the new kids we have added.  Eduard will have surgery on his right hand on May 31.

As always, there would be no us without you.

USA Team Visit

USA Team Visits The Mercy Kids Foundation in Nicaragua

Friends of The Mercy Kids from the USA joined our team in Nicaragua for a week in February.  The visit was an amazing opportunity to deepen our bonds and plan for the future of the foundation.  A highlight of our trip was a pizza dinner that turned into a spontaneous sing-off!

We Bought A Van

The Mercy Kids Buys A Van

After years of failed purchasing attempts, The Mercy Kids Foundation now owns a beautiful 15-passenger van. Thank you to everyone who donated for its purchase! This new vehicle will allow for safe transport of our kids and families, especially to appointments in the capital city Managua.


Welcome To New Staff

Welcome to New Staff at The Mercy Kids

This winter, we welcomed three new members to our team at The Mercy Center!  

Eleonora and Joel (left and center) will work as life skills coaches, approaching each child with the question: “How can we help you do things for yourself?” They will teach day-to-day skills from hand-washing to appropriate social behavior, brainstorm creative solutions to daily life challenges our kids face, and help our kids and families dream bigger for what their lives can look like.

Zayda (right) is joining Maria, our teacher, in providing educational support to our kids. So many of our children have the capacity to learn and are simply not given the chance to do so in local schools.

Along with our new team members, new kiddos joined our Center.  Here are some of them!

New Kiddos Come to The Mercy Kids

Music Lessons with Alfonsina and Joel

Music Lessons at The Mercy Kids

New staff member Joel has begun music lessons with Alfonsina, one of our new kids!

Alfonsina is blind and playing music is her favorite way to express herself. The duo plans on hosting a concert for families at The Mercy Center.

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