Jubilation is Here!

Tis the season for our Jubilation Christmas Blend!  This is now the 9th Jubilation release, and it is our most anticipated release of the year for good reason.   

From the first day we started roasting coffee, the relationships this business has allowed us to create have become what is most precious to us.  Jubilation is not just a celebration of the flavors of the Christmas season, it is also a celebration of the special friendships we have developed with our customers and with Luis Alberto Balladarez in Nicaragua. 

Luis is our most cherished partner and producer.  We have been working with him for 10 years and have become dear friends.  He is an exceptional producer who's name has become synonymous with the highest quality.  He has placed in the top ten, five out of the past ten years of Cup of Excellence competitions, winning twice in that time. 

From its inception, Jubilation has been a blend of three coffees that highlight a different processing method: one washed, one honey, and one natural.  In years past, they have all been the same varietal of pacamara, but this year we are mixing it up!

This Year's Blend 

  • 50% Natural Processed Pacamara 
  • 30% Honey Processed Java 
  • 20% Fully Washed Red Catuai

This truly is some of the best coffee that Nicaragua has to offer and we are so excited to share it with you! 

In the Cup 

We taste a blend of coffee that is very smooth and medium bodied with a festive sweetness reminiscent of sugar and spice!


To find out more about what Grind Method to choose, check out our blog post on grind methods!