New Coffees & Upcoming Classes!

Fresh & Tasty Coffees Perfect for Spring

Spring Fling Seasonal Blend

Dear Friends,

While I was in Nicaragua, the team was busy preparing to launch these new coffees.  Each is distinct, and, in our opinion, hit what our palates enjoy as we get into warmer months. 

Spring Fling Seasonal Blend
We always try to bring something sweet and floral into our Spring seasonal, and this year we are really pleased with how this coffee turned out.  It is a three coffee blend, with each of the components scoring 86+ points and worthy of single origin status in their own right.  Coffees are both washed and honey processed and hail from Honduras, Nicaragua and Ethiopia. 

In the Cup
It's bright but not too bright, with a syrupy body, citrus elements, some florals and notes of stone fruits. 

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Sumatra Supersonic Natural from Wahana

When coffee drinkers hear the word "Sumatra", something akin to a smoky, earthy, and oily cup of coffee comes to mind. This coffee is NOTHING like that.  In fact, if you enjoy natural processed Ethiopian coffees you will find a friend here. 

Since 2005, the community at Wahana Estate has aimed at changing every part of how coffee is approached in Sumatra.  Because of the incorporation of slow mechanical drying, they've nicknamed this their "supersonic" natural process.  We were blown away and we think you will be as well. 

In The Cup
This is a juicy, clean, and fruity coffee with tasting notes of strawberry, kiwi, and cinnamon.

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Peru El Limón

Our Peru El Limón was grown in the Cajamarca region known for some of the best specialty grade coffee in Peru. This northern region borders Ecuador and is nestled in the Andes Mountain Range. Cajamarca’s higher altitude along with its climate and soil have been a perfect recipe for amazing coffee.

In recent years this climate has been changing, growing hotter and wetter, resulting in a multitude of challenges for farmers and producers.  The Santuario cooperative has found some clever solutions to these climate changes as well as made coffee production a sustainable asset to their 400 plus smallholder members.  Not only are these innovations creating a major impact to the quality of life of Santario’s members but they are also yielding delicious results in the cup. 

In the Cup
This is a coffee that you’ll be able to crush all day long. It has notes of milk chocolate, green apple, cherry, orange, lime, and hints of vanilla. 

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New Wave of Coffee Classes Announced

We just announced a fresh wave of classes.  Grab a bestie and join in the fun or give one as a gift to someone you love! 

Latte Art Basics

This class is designed to help anyone achieve their latte art goals. If you have no experience but have just always wanted the fun experience of trying to pour a latte or cappuccino just the way your favorite barista does or you're in the coffee industry and would like to go deeper in your knowledge and skill - this is the class for you.

It will cover the basics of milk steaming, proper steaming technique, and then dive into how to pour hearts, rosettas, and tulips.

Beginner Brew Like A Pro At Home 

This class will introduce and discuss all of the factors involved in brewing cafe quality coffee, such as water, grind, beans, weight, extraction, time, and ratios. We will introduce and review a variety of devices and methods, including the Chemex, Clever Dripper, and Aeropress.

By the time you leave, you will be equipped to make great coffee at home. As a bonus, you will receive a bag of Carabello Coffee, as well as the opportunity to purchase brewing equipment at a discount.

Coffee Mocktails 101
Love delicious mixed drinks, but don't need the alcohol? We love making coffee and tea mocktails and can't wait to teach you how! 

We will learn to make the coffee based Mint Julep, a Black Tea Sour and a Coffee Ginger Shakerato.  We will learn the basics of making infused simple syrups and how to make the perfect tea and cold brew for mixing.