From Kelly: New Releases! SPRING FLING, a Grand Cru, and Coffees from Sumatra and Peru!

We're releasing FOUR new coffees this Friday, and we're excited for you to experience them! With a Grand Cru and our famous Spring Fling Seasonal Blend, these coffees are sure to be a hit! Learn more about each coffee below!


#68 La Peña Natural (Grand Cru) 

Pronunciation: [la painya]

This is an incredible micro-lot from Luis Alberto. Over the past five years, we've been floored at the evolution of the flavors he is able to achieve in his natural processing. This is a lot from one of the highest elevations on Un Regalo de Dios, and is a separation of the pacamara variety. This is a hybrid variety that results in a huge bean size, you'll notice it right when you open the bag! 

Luis floats these ripe cherries, and then dries them slowly under covered raised beds for nearly a month. This slow, gradual dry results in extremely clean flavor. Naturals can often have fermenty flavors, but Luis has taken such care that the aroma is more reminiscent of candy than anything fermented or overripe. 

In the Cup: Fruit Bomb: a paradigm shifting flavor of tropical fruits and berries in this explosive cup. 


Sumatra Wahana Natural  

Pronunciation: [wa’ha’na] Just like you’d think! 

When coffee drinkers hear the word "sumatra", something akin to a smoky, earthy, and oily cup of coffee comes to mind. This has to do with the traditional way coffee is picked and processed in this very hot and humid country. The community behind Wahana Estate aims at changing this perception. Since 2005, the group has aimed at changing every part of how coffee is approached in Sumatra. 

Starting at picking, producers bring ripe cherries that are floated to remove defects. Separation of ripe coffee isn't the norm for Sumatra, and the sorting shows in the cup. After ripe cherries are selected, the cherries are dried for a day on patios before being dried in a mechanical dryer on a low setting for 14 days. The dried coffee is then triple picked for any defects. This dryer is an essential part of the resulting quality due to the surrounding humidity, which would inevitably introduce an element of funk into the coffee if it was allowed to stay in the ambient air- but it's unconventional! They've nicknamed this their "supersonic" natural process. 

Fun Fact: This coffee from Wahana Estate is a variety called "Rasuna" – a variety in the typica family that is a unique mutation from Indonesia. Variety separation is a very rare practice in Sumatra! 

In The Cup: This is a juicy, clean, and fruity coffee with tasting notes of strawberry, kiwi, and cinnamon.


Peru El Limón

Pronunciation: [ El lee’mon]

Our El Limón was grown in the Cajamarca region known for some of the best specialty grade coffee in Peru. This northern region borders Ecuador and is nestled in the Andes Mountain Range. Cajamarca’s higher altitude along with its climate and soil have been a perfect recipe for amazing coffee. Though, in recent years this climate has been changing, growing hotter and wetter, resulting in a multitude of challenges for farmers and producers. 

The Santuario cooperative has found some clever solutions to these climate changes as well as made coffee production a sustainable asset to their 400 plus smallholder members. Improving drying practices through the building of raised beds with parabolic covers is one major solution. Another is combating leaf rust and pests by planting the most resilient coffee varieties as well as finding organic means of improving soil and pest control. Not only are these innovations creating a major impact to the quality of life of Santario’s members but they are also yielding delicious results in the cup. 

In the Cup: This is a coffee that you’ll be able to crush all day long. It has notes of milk chocolate, green apple, cherry, orange, lime, and hints of vanilla. 


Spring Fling

We are all ready for some warm and sunny weather around here! Our Spring Fling blend is just the thing to jumpstart the season. This year’s blend is 50% Nicaragua Pacamara Honey which was also a key player in our Jubilation blend. This particular component brings some sweetness and bright citrus notes to the party. The blend also contains two other coffees: Jesus Minas from Honduras and our familiar friend Abana Estate from Ethiopia. These two coffees give the blend balance and body while also contributing some subtle floral notes. 

In the Cup: This coffee has a syrupy body, citrus elements, and notes of stone fruits.