Why Mocktails Are My Drink of Choice

By Emily Carabello

If you know me well, you know I love beverages!  ALL of them.  I love chai, coffee, iced tea, hot tea, lattes, mochas, lemonade, I never have a shortage of drinks all over my desk and home.  However, when it comes to cocktails, they always make me feel weird. 

I don’t think my body processes alcohol well, and even a tiny sip has a huge impact on me... foggy thinking, instantly sleepy, these are not the feelings I like to have.  But, asking if a restaurant or bar has a non alcoholic option and being relegated to soft drinks or Shirley temples is the worst!  

Emily Carabello experimenting with Mocktails

When I go to a place with a zero proof or mocktail menu included I am SO THANKFUL!  There are ENDLESS possibilities to make drinks that are tasty, creative, beautiful and fancy with very little or zero alcohol.  Enter spiritless spirits. 

In my recent travels to London, I was pleasantly surprised to discover every restaurant we went to had mocktail menus with up to 15 drinks on them!  Not hidden, not only by request, but curated just for me!  This inspired me. 

I came home and decided we needed to do this! 

At our Analog Coffee Bar we have been playing with coffee and tea mocktails for the past 6 years, but last year we began adding one or two zero proof cocktails (using spiritless spirits) to each menu - drinks that do not contain tea or coffee.  And some of them have quickly become customer favorites.

Zero Proof Cocktail Collection

Many customers started asking-how can I make this at home?  So, this year we have not only added a Zero Proof Collection (Pictured above) to our website, but also a Coffee Mocktails 101 class to our educational class line up.  We have recipes on each page with our products and we hope to see you making some in your own home soon!

Whether you join us for a Mocktails class, visit our Analog Bar or pick up some zero proof spirits and experiment at home, we encourage you to jump on this trend and discover that zero proof does not have to equal boring! 

Cheers to no more Shirley Temples... EVER!