Carabello Coffee

Gabriel Leiva


Our story with Gabriel Leiva began long before we actually met him. We had reached out to our friend and coffee exporter Benjamin Paz in the hopes of joining his program through Beneficio San Vicente. Benjamin’s program connects coffee farmers in Honduras with roasters from across the globe who will commit to buying 100% of the farmer’s coffee. We participated in this program for several years, buying coffee from various farmers. Yet we hadn’t quite found the right fit until we were connected with Gabriel. We were specifically searching for a coffee that highlights the classic flavors of coffee from Honduras. And coffee from the Leiva family truly delivers just that: Yummy. Smooth. Drinkable all day long. Classic Pacas! 

After a year of buying Gabriel’s coffee, we decided to go on an origin trip in 2023 and meet him. This year we returned to Honduras and were overjoyed at the opportunity to spend time with the whole Leiva family. Cheyne, one of our team members on the trip, recounted the highlights:

“Meeting Gabriel and his family, you immediately know this is a labor of love. Gabriel is a soft spoken and very kind friend. Going to his farm, you're immediately greeted by his kids and they also love getting to meet their dad's coffee buyers. When we got to his farm, we asked if we could see his operation and from there we went on one of the toughest journeys up the mountain. While hiking up the mountain, he was telling us about how he has no one but family growing, picking, milling, and processing this coffee. We finally get to the highest peak, out of breath, knees shaking, and sweating profusely. We let Gabriel know our deepest and sincerest gratitude knowing from experience alone that getting around his farm is NO SMALL FEAT. We see the labor, the heights, the weather, and the genuine love that he and his family put into his coffees. It was truly a remarkable experience.” 

In the Cup: Balanced, Apple, Orange, Sugar Cookie, Crowd Pleaser


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