Carabello Coffee

Kenya Kids Can Signature Blend


When we decided it was time to create a blend that epitomizes our brand, we knew we had to start with coffee from our friend Luis Balladarez in Nicaragua.  We then added two more relationship coffees: one from a cooperative named Union Cantinil in Huehuetenango, Guatemala, and the other from our friends at Abana Estate in Western Ethiopia. 

The end result is a blend of three fully traceable coffees, which captures our approach to sourcing and produces a lovely coffee that we can enjoy all year long. 

In the Cup

Tres Fincas is a very balanced coffee.  In the cup this medium bodied coffee is beautifully crisp and bright, making it a great for morning and breakfast.  Expect a smooth body with nice caramel and citrus sweetness.  Very approachable.  More complex sweetness emerges as the cup cools.  

To find out more about what Grind Method to choose, check out our blog post on grind methods!