Carabello Coffee

*Party Pack* Kenya Kids Can Dark Roast


This party pack is perfect for hostess gifts, neighbor gifts or as a way to spread the word about Kenya Kids Can and the amazing work that they do!  It includes six of our 4 oz bags of the Dark Roast. Want to know more about the coffee?  Read on: 

One of our most popular coffees, this blend is a dark, bold and sweet up with a big body.  If you like dark roasted coffees you will find yourself a friend here. It is roasted to a Vienna roast level, which helps to maintain the distinct qualities of the coffees while also giving you some of that bite that you want in a darker roast.  

The three coffees in this blend are all fully traceable.  The base is from the Union Cantinil Cooperative in Huehuetenango, Guatemala.  Blended with that is a coffee from our friend Luis Alberto Balladarez in Nicaragua and a coffee from our friends at Abana Estate in Western Ethiopia, all of which are very high grown washed coffees that will hold up well in the high heat.  

In the Cup: You can expect a coffee that is Dark Chocolatey, Nutty, Full-Bodied and laced with Vanilla notes.  This coffee drinks well black as well as with cream.

 Purchase provides 60 meals for KKC when you buy this party pack! 

Unsure what Grind to choose? Here's how to decide.