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We love Velocity

This past week was our second weekend to roast in our new location of Velocity Bike and Bean, and we love it!  It's so delightful to roast in a great atmosphere, among nice people and the warehouse we were in before wasn't exactly...inviting.  It's so exciting to see our coffee being bought, sold, and drunk by new people in a real live store :)  The orphanage we help support is starting a new microbusiness making laptop bags and purses from old coffee bags.  (Woohoo-this was my idea!) And, Velocity has graciously offered to let us sell them there.  They have..  - Read More

Exciting News!!!

Ok, so we need your help!!  We have a wonderful opportunity as a company-one of our favorite restaurants, Green Dog Cafe has ordered 25 pounds of coffee from us to start brewing for their customers!! They are giving us a chance to see how people respond to the coffee before they make the official switch to us as their coffee roasters.  This is where you come in!  If you are on Columbia Parkway over the next week or two, or planning on going out to eat (the BEST food ever) please order a cup of coffee and give them feedback!! ..  - Read More

back to school!

Sorry the posts have been spaced so far and few between.  Our school started Friday, so we are trying to figure out our schedule of balancing school and coffee stuff!  Here are a few new pictures from the market recently.  We have had such a great time at the market the past few weeks!  So many families coming and hanging out with us, and this past week was the salsa competition.  I (Emily) entered a jar of salsa into the competition, but sadly I did not win.  However, considering I had never made salsa before, and some of the competition..  - Read More

Cupping Coffee at the Beneficio Las Segovias in Nicaragua

Watch this video of us cupping coffee at the Beneficio Las Segovias. Emily, Jeff Brooks and I did some serious slurping, spitting and sniffing of coffee (otherwise known as "cupping") at the Beneficio Las Segovias in the town of Ocotal, Nuevo Segovia in Nicaragua a few days ago. This short video gives you a look at what we did for more than an hour as we attempted to zero in on which coffee we wanted to walk away with from the finca "Un Regal de Dios" of Luis Alberto Balladeros. A beneficio is a place where coffees are processed for..  - Read More

Not In My Wildest Dreams...

Today was a day I will not soon forget!  We spent nearly the entire day touring the Beneficio (Processing plant) and farm of Luis Alberto Balladeros, one of the winners of last year´s Cup of Excellence here in Nicaragua.  In fact, his beneficio processed half of the 25 plus winning coffees of that prestigious competition this year.  Even cooler than that, he is now the third Christian coffee farmer that God has connected me with... truly an answer to prayer.  It´s not like there is a Christian coffee growers yellow pages or something. I´ll give the back story later.  For..  - Read More

Carabello Coffee at a crossroads.

Carabello Coffee stands at a crossroads.  Since January we have been sharing the roaster of Mike Persicano of The Coffee Underground.  However, Mike is shutting his business down at the end of June, which directly affects our future.    We have one of two choices: Buy Mike's roaster and continue operating Carabello Coffee. Shut things down and ride off into the caffeinated sunset.  As many of you know, we began Carabello Coffee as a way for us to increase our ability to give to the Kingdom of God.  Our heart from the beginning has been to allow the Lord to..  - Read More

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