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Buena Vista Natural

Finca ("estate") Buena Vista is located in the Nueva Segovia area in Nicaragua. The farm is in the northern part of the country and is close to the border of Honduras. Aptly named, Buena Vista has beautiful views of the Nicaraguan terrain which we have personally seen for ourselves!

We can hardly believe it has been seven years since we met Jamir Garcia, owner of Buena Vista and son-in-law of our friend Luis Alberto Balladarez. Jamir is producing some outstanding coffee and making a name of his own. He is a diligent worker who focuses on quality. Having a drive to continuously improve, Jamir takes ample notes on the details of the farm, the harvest, and the coffee processing.

When we were first introduced to Jamir, he was taking the coffee grown on the Buena Vista estate to be processed elsewhere. Though he took great care in tending his crops, he didn’t quite have the quality control that he had hoped for. Realistically, this can only come from processing the coffee yourself on your own equipment. We saw this desire in Jamir to improve his cup quality and decided to help him build the infrastructure he needed at Buena Vista. Year after year, we taste Jamir’s coffee and it only gets better and better. We love that we get to share his coffee with you.

In the Cup: Tropical, Grape, Watermelon, Strawberry


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