I'll Never Forget March 16th... And the Outpouring that Followed

Dear Friends,

Today, March 16th, marks the one-year anniversary of COVID19 wreaking havoc on our business. 

One year ago, we were thrust into the throes of uncertainty, wondering what the future held as we watched our wholesale roasting business evaporate overnight and our retail business forced to re-invent itself on the fly.  I remember standing in front of a camera, my wife by my side, being asked how it all was impacting us.  I broke down, and with tears filling my eyes asked, “Is this how 10 years of hard work ends?”

I was spent.
This past year has revealed just how meaningful and precious the human connections we have established with our customers and community truly are.   In the midst of all that swirled around us, we experienced a profound outpouring of love and support.  We were cheered on and encouraged daily as we pressed on.  

And as we emerge from the year that has been, we have fresh optimism for the future.   People young and old are pouring back into our coffee shop, churches are slowly bringing coffee back, restaurants are serving more people every week and new businesses are approaching us about working together.  In all of it, we sense people saying, “the worst is behind us; I am hopeful about the days ahead.” 

Our God has not just sustained us but given us a grace to thrive in the midst of the chaos.  When I look at my staff, I see young people (and a few grey beards) who are eager to press on, to keep their hands on the plow and to see the vision of Coffee & Compassion in Tandem realized in deeper, more meaningful ways. 

So please; stick with us for the journey that is before us.  And let me know what is stirring in your heart as you ponder the days ahead in light of where we’ve just been.  My email is
 justin [@] carabellocoffee.com.   
With Love,