Why We Chose the Fellow Carter Mug as Our Summer Travel Tumbler

For the past several years we have been releasing several Miir mug and travel tumblers per year, each with its own vibe and place in the world of to-go coffee consumption.  These have been a big hit with our customers, and we continue to love the quality of Miir products and the ethos of their company. 

But for the Summer of 2023 we decided to mix things up a bit with our Parade of Characters Travel Mug.  At $35.49 it is a bit more than any mug we have ever sold before, but there is a good reason for that.  Let’s dive in and see what makes this mug truly special...and a tad more expensive.  

Fellow Carter Mug Carabello Parade of Characters

Features We Love 

Design: This is from Fellow Products, and they call the design of this mug the Carter Mug.  Fellow is a company that has been at the vanguard of coffee brewing gear and merch for the past number of years, winning several Best New Product awards.  Their sleek and minimal designs have caught the attention of the younger set but have also performed extremely well in terms of functionality.  We decided the time was right to give their Carter Mug a try.  

Appearance: At first glance it is easy to not even realize that this is, well, a mug!  When closed up it looks more like a coffee storage canister than a travel mug, which adds a bit of intrigue and becomes an easy conversion starter.  Those who prefer to not look like everyone else carrying their oversized Stanleys around immediately get it.  

Exterior: The feel of the exterior is lovely.  The finish has just enough texture that it is easy to hold and grip - even for small hands.  I would go as far to say that the texture adds a positive tactile experience that is really important when it comes to carrying something around in your hand.  I think, even more than appearance, we may gravitate to certain mugs / cups / glasses because of how they feel in our hands.  The Fellow Carter is enjoyable to hold. 

Lid: The lid seals well and while closed will keep a drink piping hot or iced cold for hours.  

360 Degree Drinking Lip: This lip means you never have to rotate it to take a sip.  This is ideal for driving.  I would add that the lip is just round enough and thin enough that disappears when drinking, like a really nice wine glass.  

Ceramic Interior: The interior stainless steel is coated with a ceramic lining, ending any chance that your drink will slowly taste metallic while it sits in it.  Those who like to fill their mugs early and drink throughout the day will especially like this feature.  

Splash Guard: Then there is the removable splash guard, which is perfect for those who want to fill their mug with an iced drink but avoid ice crashing down onto their lips when they take a sip.  Or for setting the mug into your cup holder with the lid off while driving.  The splash guard will prevent spillage as you hit bumps in the road.  This is really a next level feature and one we have not encountered before.  It is thoughtful and elegant. 

For those of you who like chewing your ice—or driving old school without a lid while trying to avoid a spill—simply remove the splash guard.  

Artwork: To wrap it up, let’s talk a bit about our artwork.  Going with a bright white we thought it would be fun to take some of our recent characters from our stickers and design work and incorporate them here.  Emily Carabello has been working with our designer Andrew Winebrenner to create fun and engaging characters that capture the light-hearted and approachable nature of our culture.  Adding to that they decided to draw in our Lead Roaster, Shannon Savage, who is celebrating 20 years in coffee this year!  He is sporting his trademark mustache and holding the Carabello pennant. 

We invite you to join the fun and experience the superior experience of enjoying your coffee in our new Parade of Characters Travel Mug!