Carabello Coffee

Coffee and Chocolate Gift Set


This gift set includes one of our bags of Tres Fincas, a Carabello logo travel mug, and a Sea Salt dark chocolate bar.  

Tres Fincas details: 

Tres Fincas is a very balanced coffee.  In the cup this medium bodied coffee is beautifully crisp and bright, making it a great for morning and breakfast.  Expect a smooth body with nice caramel and citrus sweetness.  Very approachable.  More complex sweetness emerges as the cup cools.  

Mug details: 

Coastal Teal, 12 oz mug with handle and lid that will keep your beverage hot or cold for hours!  Each mug has a give code on the bottom of them so you can see what project y our mug helped fund! (We love Miir's mission to give back with each purchase of a mug!)  Click here for more information

Chocolate details: Crunchy toffee with a hint of sea salt in aclassic dark chocolate. 2.5oz Truffle bar.